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Kanaris Psychological Services, P.C.

Sexual addiction is a highly controversial and debated topic in the field of sex therapy. What is not in dispute is that when sexual behavior feels out of control it can damage relationships, end marriages, diminish productivity, threaten employment, jeopardize health and well-being causing shame, depression and contribute to low self-esteem and even self hatred.

Out of control sexual behavior is usually secretive. It can be manifested by excessive use of pornography, sexting with strangers, cybersex, prostitution, and cyber affairs. This can lead to feelings of alienation, loneliness, and conflict in marriage or the primary love relationship. In some cases sexual dysfunction can develop and venereal disease.

The most common approach to treatment has used a model for the treatment of addiction. For some people 12 step addiction programs have been helpful. Unfortunately, this approach can be shaming and pathologizing of the person suffering from the condition. Dr. Kanaris has developed a psychological approach to treating the problem that empowers the person to gain control over sexual behavior and increase well-being. The marriage partner or significant other is included in the treatment with the goal of addressing the damage done to the relationship and emerging with a stronger relationship.

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