Peter Kanaris Ph.D.

Peter Kanaris Ph.D.Main Areas: Sexuality
Career Focus: Psychologist
Affiliation: NorthWell Health System

Dr. Kanaris holds a doctorate in Clinical and School Psychology. He is a N.Y.S. licensed psychologist and the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists certifies him as a Diplomate of Sex Therapy. He is a graduate Post-Doctoral Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute in NYC where he served as a senior clinician, training supervisor and faculty member.

Dr. Kanaris has served as the Public Education Campaign Coordinator for the New York State Psychological Association. He has been the featured guest on many live interviews and call-in television telecasts where he has discussed a variety of topics including relationships and sexuality. He has appeared on radio programs from San Francisco to New York discussing various topics in sexuality and mental health.

Dr. Kanaris has developed unique models of treatment for cyber infidelity and sexual addiction or out of control sexual behavior. Additionally, he specializes in and has many years of experience in providing ethical and expert marital therapy, couples therapy, and sex therapy for the full range of sexual issues.

Dr. Kanaris is also the co-host of an educational video series “Psychology and You.” He has been interviewed in numerous newspaper and national magazine columns and feature articles in the areas of family, parenting, adolescence, and sexuality. Dr. Kanaris has written for the Health Page for FHM (For Him Magazine) where he responded to questions on sexuality and intimacy. He has presented at the American and New York State Psychological Associations on Psychology and the Media: Educating the Public. He has published a paper in Professional Psychology: Research & Practice on this same topic.

As Clinical Director of Hewlett Consultation Center from 1981 through 1999, Dr. Kanaris’ responsibilities included psychotherapy, sex/marital counseling, adolescent counseling, coordination of clinical services, professional training and community education. Since 1998, Dr. Kanaris has directed the Sexual Diagnostic Program at his office in Smithtown, New York.


2017 Suffolk County Psychological Association “Psychologist of the Year”

This is New York State Psychological Association highest honor. It is awarded annually to a psychologist who has contributed significantly to the profession of psychology and/or has made a unique contribution to New York State Psychological Association.

Distinguished Fellow New York State Psychological Association

Presidential Award, New York State Psychological Association