Instructions for starting treatment:

If you already have a scheduled appointment to begin teletherapy with Dr. Kanaris you can enter Dr. Kanaris’ secure virtual waiting room anytime. The web address is Try to enter a couple of minutes before the session. Please also have ear phones with you at the time of the session to help for volume and privacy. At the start of the session time a payment request of $295.00 for the initial session will appear on your screen. Please have your credit card information available. All subsequent sessions are billed at $195.00. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. If at the time of the session you do not already appear in Dr. Kanaris’ virtual waiting room, he will send you a text message with a hyperlink invitation as another way to enter the virtual waiting room.

Forms needed to start therapy:

Please review, sign and submit the first three consent forms prior to your first session. If you are having couples therapy both parties must also submit the Couples Counseling Form

Financial and Informed Consent, Informed Consent for Telepsychology, and Consent To Cost Of Treatment

Informed Consent in Couples Counseling

Additional Forms:

Informed Consent for Collateral Participation – anyone participating In the treatment session of another person eg. a wife sitting in on a husband’s session, is considered a collateral participant and must fill out, sign and submit this consent form.

Authorization of Release of Records – fill out, sign and submit this form if you want Dr. Kanaris to exchange your Protected Health Information with a third party such as another professional.