The Internet, social media, and the smart phone have been the three key developments that have led to cyber infidelity. Today the smart phone is ubiquitous. It has become rare to see an adult, teenager, or even a child without a smart phone or tablet in hand. The acronym AAAP is an easy way to remember the key elements of what makes the smart phone the primary device that supports cyber infidelity.

A. Accessibility
A. Affordability
A. Anonymity
P. Portability

Today people have easy access to online pornography. Social media provides the opportunity to connect with people that we might otherwise never meet. Various types of smart phones have become more affordable to many people. Use of the Internet provides an opportunity to remain anonymous or disguise identity. Finally, the smart phone has added the feature of portability. It fits in your pocket and can go anywhere. Taken in combination these factors have contributed to and in fact created the new category of infidelity which we call cyber infidelity.