professional consultationsAdvanced degree training programs in mental health rarely provide any substantial education or training in the area of human sexuality. While well prepared to deal with some relationship issues, this leaves many therapists ill-equipped to address problems of intimacy or even to identify when a sexual issue may be underlying a relationship problem.

Additionally, in our contemporary world the sexual and relational problems caused or contributed to by technology such as the Internet and the smart phone have complicated already difficult therapeutic challenges such as Out of Control Sexual Behaviors.There have been relatively little research or competent trainings available to help therapists deal with the problems encountered in the new world of sexuality and relationships.

This has resulted in failed treatments with therapists feeling overwhelmed and patients feeling frustrated. Often the highly ethical therapist will recognize that the needs of a particular case will require a specialist. The case is then referred out. While this is sometimes the most appropriate therapeutic decision the availability of a properly trained, experienced and highly skilled professional with whom to consult can allow the therapist to continue working with the case successfully.

Case consultation can provide the support, professional growth, ethical guidance and risk management protection that allows the therapist to continue working with the case with confidence.

Dr. Kanaris has provided specialty consultation to mental health professionals for sex and relationship therapy for many years. He is certified as a Sex Therapy Supervisor by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. He has provided ongoing training toward developing sex therapy expertise and single session consultation on particularly challenging cases. Consultation on cases is typically provided by phone or video conference. A flexible schedule of availability is provided to meet the need in a timely fashion. Please contact Dr. Kanaris who is glad to meet any needs that you may have for professional and ethical specialty consultation in sexuality and relationship issues.

Below is Dr. Kanaris’ presentation at the 2020 Virtual Convention of the Society for Sexual Health. He presented his treatment model for the treatment of couples affected by Cyber Infidelity.