While it seems intuitive and easy to understand how the trauma of cyber infidelity impacts the aggrieved partner/spouse, It may not seem as obvious that trauma can have a role in affecting the unfaithful partner. Some people that engage in cyber infidelity have experienced relational or sexual trauma early in life. Experiences of loss or abandonment in childhood may be a root cause of the behaviors. Efforts to compensate for perceived inadequacy and insecure early attachment to caregivers can lead to repeated efforts to try to connect, to be understood, and to be loved. Sometimes, early experience and exposure to adult sexual behaviors can cause overstimulation that eventually fuels online sexual activity and cyber infidelity. The person may have no awareness of the psychological dynamics that are motivating or driving the behaviors of infidelity.

Understanding and breaking the pattern of this trauma-based Out of Control Sexual Behavior often requires expert psychological treatment. The expertise of a psychologist trained in sex therapy and experienced in the treatment of Out of Control Sexual Behavior as it relates to cyber infidelity can provide help and hope in successfully addressing the trauma that may underlie the problem.